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First generation CSAM detector in Magnet Outrider

Sadly, one of the common investigation types that forensic teams get the call to investigate is Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). The latest development in Magnet Outrider equips your team with the tools they need to identify newly created CSAM that has yet to be reported and hashed.

The challenge of first gen CSAM

The rapid development of media capturing, storage, and sharing technology has also increased criminals’ ability to create and distribute CSAM.  Several organizations, like Child Rescue Coalition, have made significant inroads in helping examiners quickly and safely identify known CSAM through hashes, but there is still the issue of first generation CSAM which is newly created and unknown to law enforcement.

Detecting first generation CSAM with Outrider

In our latest Outrider release, we have added important functionality to address the issue of CSAM that isn’t known to authorities. The new First Gen CSAM detector is a machine learning model that uses our Magnet.AI technology to analyze photos and detect unknown possible CSAM and nudity. You can run an analysis on all the platforms that your Outrider is compatible with: USBs, hard drives, Windows computers, and mobile devices.

Detection only runs on images not identified as known CSAM by the integrated Child Rescue Coalition CSAM Detection feature in Outrider to streamline the process. Scanned media will be categorized into one of three categories: possible nudity, possible CSAM, or Benign. All files falling into the first two categories will be flagged. The Exchangeable Image File format (EXIF) data will be presented to help identify the originating device, which you can cross-reference against devices in an investigation.  

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