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Introducing Workflow Plugins for Magnet AUTOMATE

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of workflow plugins within Magnet AUTOMATE!  

We understand the importance of toolkit integration to reduce complexity and increase productivity and scalability. That is why we’ve always built our products to integrate with third-party tools and continue to develop new ways to make it easier to do so.  

Workflow plugins make it easier for you to extend the functionality of AUTOMATE. They simplify your ability to set up and reuse application elements in workflows, and once a plugin is added to your instance of AUTOMATE, it can be easily updated and maintained across all workflows.

Unlocking More Efficient Workflows

Workflow plugins extend the capabilities of AUTOMATE to create even more efficient and automated workflows that incorporate tools from your DFIR and cybersecurity tech stack, further connecting your SOC and Digital Forensic teams.

You can avoid investigative delays by automating more of the tools you use within your digital forensic workflows.

The new Workflow Plugins tab in AUTOMATE Enterprise lists available plugins and makes it easy to maintain and reuse plugins within your workflows.
The new Workflow Plugins tab in AUTOMATE lists your available plugins and makes it easy to maintain and reuse plugins within your workflows.

Our team has tested and created plugins to fit common use cases such as (but not limited to):

  • Upload results or workflow status to ticketing and case management systems (such as Magnet ATLAS and ServiceNow) 
  • Create a case in a case management system (such as Magnet ATLAS) 
  • Sending notifications during and at the end of a workflow to communication tools (such as email, SMS, and slack) 
  • Upload data back into SOAR and SIEM platforms (such as Palo Alto Networks Cortex SOAR and splunk SOAR) 
  • Plugins Can Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Plugins Can Improve Your Team’s Productivity

When your tools don’t talk to each other, your team can end up spending countless hours performing administrative-type tasks to keep things moving smoothly. Bouncing between tools one by one checking for updates or manually inputting information from one tool to the other wastes time your digital forensic team could better spend on investigative analysis.  

Utilizing plugins for your communication, ticketing and case management systems gives your digital forensic team time back in their day to focus on value-add tasks, instead of constantly context switching which has been shown to decrease productivity.

Plugins Can Increase the Scalability of Your Digital Forensic Workflows

Cybersecurity tech stack integration is essential to reduce complexity and increase scalability.

We’ve heard from our customers that the ability to integrate with their existing solutions is a must and we understand why.

One of our law enforcement customers in the United States implemented AUTOMATE and immediately cleared their backlog of 114 devices in five days. This likely would have taken several months without automation. However, without plugins, the resulting administrative tasks to move each case to the next step becomes somewhat of a bottleneck.

Plugins allow your team to easily handle the growing number of incident investigations ready for hand-off to stakeholders (such as HR or Incident Response teams) by removing administrative steps during and within workflows. This is great news for digital forensic teams who work through large volumes of investigations that utilize standard workflows, such as legal holds or insider threat investigations.

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