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How to Ingest Mobile Extractions from GrayKey, UFED, XRY, and Oxygen in Magnet AXIOM

Credible. Verifiable. Repeatable. At Magnet Forensics, we understand how fundamental these elements are to an investigation and that taking a tool-box approach to your DFIR investigations is the only “right way” to investigate evidence and report these results.

Magnet Forensics purposefully built Magnet AXIOM with the ability to ingest images from various tools, such as GrayKey, UFED, XRY, as well as various acquisition methods, including JTAG, ISP, and chipoff extractions. In fact, we believe that integrating data from multiple sources affords examiners and investigators the best opportunity to uncover the critical data they need to close their cases, which is why we continue to improve and expand our support for third-party data ingestion.

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Why would we support what might be seen as competitive products? Simple: It is imperative that examiners and investigators run their extractions, or phone dumps, through more than one tool to parse and carve out as much data as possible. Every tool is a little different and will always produce different results.

Magnet AXIOM offers support for thousands of artifact types and AXIOM has a built-in feature that searches the data for potential/unknown databases and creates artifacts out of those for review.

The power of AXIOM is that you can ingest mobile extractions, and data from many other sources, such as computer, cloud, IoT, and vehicles into a single case file. You can analyze and report on all the digital evidence together – one timeline, one world map, one view of chat threads across many devices.

Beyond Magnet AXIOM, we have brought this approach to our other tools, as well. Magnet AUTOMATE can be used to automate your digital forensics toolkit and Magnet REVIEW can ingest and distribute evidence from multiple third-party tools via a simple browser-based platform.

Our primary goal is to help examiners do their job because we know there’s never going to be only one tool that does everything you need, it’s important that you can utilize all the tools at your disposal.

Sounds Great, But How?

Below are the links to a series of blog posts that will walk you through how to ingest various images from third-party sources into AXIOM and how to export an AXIOM image for use with other tools.

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