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Five Reasons Why Magnet Forensics is the Digital Forensic Organization of the Year

In our previous post: Seven Reasons to Choose Magnet Forensics Tools, we discussed the power of Magnet AXIOM and why AXIOM is truly the Computer Forensic Software and Phone Forensic Software of the Year in the Forensic 4:cast Awards.

Last year was the first year we were nominated for Digital Forensic Organization of the Year. We were honored to be thought of by the community for that award. Imagine our immense pleasure at being nominated again this year!

We have an outstanding team here at Magnet Forensics, and to be honest, even just being nominated  as the Digital Forensic Organization of the Year truly is amazing and shows our team that their hard work – from development, to support, to sales, to marketing – is noticed. So, thank you.

Now, here are five things we do that we think may have factored into people’s choice to nominate us for this award:

1. One tool for a versatile range of investigative needs.

Magnet Forensics won’t nickel and dime you for add-on pieces of software that complicate your workflow. Everything you need is built into AXIOM. Whether it’s our Magnet.AI contextual content analysis, our integration with Passware for full disk decryption, or the visual analytics that seamlessly make their way into Magnet AXIOM’s reporting structure, our tools are both structured and priced in a way that makes sense to even the most budget-constrained organization.

2. Our responsiveness to your needs is unmatched in the industry.

Our tool architecture and pricing strategies are only the start of our commitment to deliver what our customers need. Whether it’s our customer service team working with our developers to respond to critical feature requests, our sales team working out a great deal for you, our training team building classes to deliver the skills you need in our fast-paced, ever-changing digital world, or our team of experts offering free webinar and white paper resources to help you continue your education, we strive to bring you the best value possible.

3. Our loyal core customers are our reason for being.

Listening to customers is only one small part of our value system. Like you, we came up in an industry where vendors sacrificed their customer relationships to chase the “Next Big Thing” in profit. We saw the damage that did to your ability to investigate and solve your cases, and we decided that was the last thing we wanted to do. Our company was founded on the promise of making a tough job easier, and we’re sticking by that promise.

4. We share the love beyond our customer community.

We’ve raised funds for the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, helped law enforcement leadership to understand the importance of digital evidence, and joined dedicated organizations as active participants in the fight against child exploitation. We believe in walking the walk alongside you—not just by offering products, but also by sharing our resources.

5. We’re always pushing the envelope.

From being the first in the industry to develop a tool to recover and parse Facebook chats, to being first in the industry to incorporate true machine learning into our solution, Magnet Forensics has established itself as a visionary leader in the digital forensics space. We don’t just try to reactively respond to industry trends; we proactively seek them out to try to stay one step ahead.

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