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Announcing the Magnet Forensics Community Award

Magnet Forensics wants to shine a light on the people in the digital forensics field who are bringing excellence and integrity to the community.

Whether it’s through their work on a case, their unrelenting commitment to the pursuit of justice, or their contribution to digital forensics as a whole, the new Magnet Forensics Community Award is our way of recognizing them.

Know an individual or team who deserves to be in the spotlight? Magnet Forensics will be featuring different members of the community throughout the year.

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And the First Award Goes to…the Michigan State Police!

Michigan State Police win the first Magnet Forensics Community Award

Magnet Forensics Founder & CTO, Jad Saliba, personally nominated the first recipients of the award — opting to celebrate an entire team because of their work on one case in particular. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“The team was faced with a real-time situation that required quick detective work and fast forensics investigation. An extremely dangerous criminal was holding a young woman hostage that he met online, with the intention of torturing and murdering her. The Michigan State Police were able to learn her whereabouts and track down the suspect incredibly quickly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a happy ending, but the team showed an unbelievable amount of care for the victim and her family, and prevented further harm to others in the community.”

“Receiving this Award is an Honor”

 In response to the award the Michigan State Police said:

“On a daily basis, the Michigan State Police Cyber Section (Computer Crimes Unit/ICAC Task Force) conducts investigations and forensic examinations. Our ultimate goal is to protect the citizens of Michigan and serve the community in the most positive way measurable. Every one of our seven offices across the State works digital media investigations, big and small. Receiving this award is an honor, as Magnet Forensics’ tools are used around the world to assist investigators find data quickly and accurately. Every one of these individuals are just as qualified to receive this notoriety, so it is humbling to be recognized for our work!”

In addition to the showcasing the work that they do, the Magnet Forensics Community Award is also an opportunity to help a cause that is near to them — with the award comes a financial donation to the recipients’ charity of choice. The Michigan State Police has asked for a donation to be made on their behalf to Michigan State Police Trooper Assistance Fund, explaining that “This fund not only helps members of the agency, but also donates countless hours and dollars to the community we serve.”  

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