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Announcing Magnet AUTOMATE, a New Solution to Help Labs to Complete Investigations Faster

We’re pleased to announce a new solution for digital forensics labs to get the most out of their forensics tools: Magnet AUTOMATE. AUTOMATE allows labs to complete their investigations faster by powering a repeatable forensic workflow that minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency.

At Magnet Forensics, we’ve been aiming to help digital forensics labs focus their energies on the tasks that require their expertise—such as analysis and review—rather than the repetitive and clear-cut jobs like imaging and process.

Magnet AUTOMATE lets labs orchestrate a repeatable workflow with Magnet AXIOM and any other commercial tool or custom script that has a command-line interface. This new standardized workflow eliminates hours of downtime between each step in the investigation and can deliver evidence within 48 hours on every case. 

How Magnet AUTOMATE Works

An example of a defined workflow created within Magnet AUTOMATE

With the AUTOMATE control panel, examiners can visually map out a workflow—containing multiple tools, python scripts and simple java applications—into a set of repeatable steps to be taken for each case type.

Once your workflows are designed, Magnet AUTOMATE leverages existing lab hardware and server space to process evidence 24/7. AUTOMATE can also run on multiple workstations simultaneously, enabling examiners to complete investigative steps in parallel. This means that things like processing with custom scripts and creating exports from your AXIOM case can be done automatically instead of requiring examiners to come into the lab—an interaction that sometimes halts progress and create hours of delays.

The whole workflow is customizable to maximize the benefit to the team at hand, all while allowing for proper procedures that follow specific industry standards.

All told, AUTOMATE has been shown to help complete up to six times more cases and deliver evidence for review within 48 hours.

“Our Team is Completing More Cases”

A large metropolitan UK police agency have seen results with AUTOMATE. As a Senior Digital Forensic Specialist for the organization says:

“Magnet AUTOMATE enables our team to deliver a guaranteed service level for all child abuse cases, according to a management-approved workflow, Because time-to-evidence is now guaranteed inside 48 hours, investigators can identify and act on relevant material quickly, examiners are freed from repetitive tasks, and our computing power is being utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team is completing more cases—in less time and at lower cost—so we can focus our efforts on the challenging areas that require our expertise.”

Learn More about Magnet AUTOMATE

Think your lab may benefit from Magnet AUTOMATE? Head over to our Magnet AUTOMATE page to learn more about the solution and to request more information.

We’ll also be hosting a special webinar on Tuesday, April 16 at 11:00AM & 1:00PM ET where we’ll go in depth on AUTOMATE and answer any and all questions you may have during a live Q&A. Register for the webinar here.

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