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Usando a tecnologia para encontrar informações de forma rápida e criar casos mais fortes

The digital evidence is coming at an overwhelming pace.

As the investigations require more time to get the data, technology can play a crucial role in making the important evidence first seen.

Join Aaron Hernandez of Magnet Forensics and our partner Rodrigo Curcino of Techbiz to learn in depth the latest version of Magnet AXIOM.

AXIOM 2.5 will give you the most relevant starting point for your search.

Our session will begin with a new home screen, the Case Dashboard, which allows users to view high-level details of research, sources of evidence and digital evidence, allowing researchers to immediately jump to areas of interest such as keywords, chats, photos, evidence that has already been tagged by examiners or Magnet.AI.

Explore other innovations including:

  • Memory analysis with integration of Volatility
  • Connections, which helps to try between files and actions
  • Password bypass options for iOS and Android
  • Artificial Intelligence for image classification in different categories

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