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Tips & Tricks // Magnet Web Page Saver

Magnet Web Page Saver (WPS) is a perfect tool for capturing how web pages look at a specific point in time.  Join Jad Saliba, CTO & Founder of Magnet Forensics as  dives into common questions about WPS and digs into the functionality and use cases in this hands-on  tips & tricks session. WPS is especially useful in situations where the web pages need to be displayed in an environment where internet access is not available. Magnet WPS takes a list of URLs and saves scrolling captures (“snapshots”) of each page.  URLs can be typed in manually or imported from a text file or CSV file.  WPS produces an easy-to-navigate HTML report file containing the saved pages, with customized options. This feature is perfect for those web sites containing contraband where you need to pull the information quickly before the criminals alter or change the web page.

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