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Tips & Tricks // Customizing Magnet AXIOM for Your Investigations

When your case involves unsupported applications or custom file types, what do you do? You can actually create your own artifacts and add new file types to AXIOM!

Join Chris Blight, Magnet Forensics Solutions Consultant, as he showcases some tips and tricks to help you fine-tune AXIOM to the needs of your investigation by adding custom artifacts and file types so you can dig into the evidence at hand.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Create custom artifacts with MAGNET Custom Artifact Generator
  • Use the Dynamic App Finder
  • Add custom artifacts from the MAGNET Artifact Exchange
  • Add custom file types to AXIOM
  • Create user-defined artifacts in AXIOM


After viewing this webinar you will be issued a certificate by email documenting that you have taken part in the session. 

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