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Still Using IEF? Learn What You May Be Missing Out On


Have you ever asked, “What does Magnet AXIOM have that IEF doesn’t?” After two years, the answer is: More than you might think. Join us for a free one-hour webinar to learn exactly what you’re missing out on if you’re still using IEF and you haven’t yet upgraded to AXIOM.


In this webinar, Senior Product Manager Cody Bryant and Product Marketing Manager Warren Pamukoff highlight:

  • The differences between IEF and AXIOM when it comes to processing and reviewing evidence
  • Our ability to acquire both physical and logical mobile images – including the ability to bypass passcodes
  • How easy it is to ingest 3rd party mobile images like GrayKey
  • The importance of reviewing cloud evidence in addition to mobile and computer evidence to ensure that nothing is missed
  • How Magnet.AI can save time by identifying relevant picture and chat evidence faster than a manual review
  • The importance of visualizing the history of key digital evidence to understand where it came from, where it went and who it was associated with

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