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Magnet Virtual Summit 2023

Proving Distracted Driving Behavior Using Advanced iPhone Forensics

This presentation will focus on the transformative, forensically sound inspections iPhone forensics can offer for jurisprudence purposes. It recovers heretofore undiscovered forms of digital evidence that either prove distracted driving behavior for plaintiffs and the government, or the absence of which exonerates defendants or absolves them of liability.
The proposition of this presentation is to focus on a single iPhone specimen device which becomes the cornerstone evidence upon which the case will turn to expose distracted driving behavior in motor vehicle accidents. An integrative approach involving diversified evidence from multiple sources is a best practice, but if the alternate evidence sources are unavailable, it is moot. Now it is possible to litigate successfully using a unitary device, if performed competently and guided by a smart evidence strategy with the latest iPhone forensic tools and methods.

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