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Magnet Virtual Summit 2023

MVS Replay: Adapting to the Cloud in DFIR

One of the biggest changes being felt throughout the fields of digital forensics and incident response is the advances being brought about by cloud computing. The big three in the area (Amazon Web Services [AWS], Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud) take advantage of the real-time adaptability of the Cloud by always changing and adding new capabilities—and this can make it tough for DFIR professionals to keep up.

In this keynote presentation, SANS instructor and Forensic Lunch host, David Cowen will dive further into the current cloud landscape and will cover techniques—both new and not particularly well known—to help meet the demands of cloud investigations, including:
-Exporting full disk images from snapshots faster
-Working with cloud logs both in your lab and in the Cloud itself
-Automating the processing & collection of evidence in the Cloud
-Introducing new cloud DFIR tools
-And more!

Join us for this very special Magnet Virtual Summit 2023 keynote (with Japanese captions) to learn how you can leverage the capabilities of the Cloud to scale your investigations with your data, speed up your access, and keep up with the threats.

Live Webinar:

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