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Magnet Virtual Summit 2024

Modernize SecOps With Security AI & Automation

Organizations are going through digital transformation, expanding to a cloud IT infrastructure. Within the threat management lifecycle of visibility, detection, investigation, and response, the toughest challenges are poor visibility, disconnected tools, and keeping up with the attackers with a hybrid cloud environment.

The amount of data has grown that needs to be processed to detect malicious behavior within the various cloud environments (e.g., SaaS applications, etc.). SOC analysts inherit many new tools. It’s also introducing disconnected tools/isolated management consoles/unique native built-in security capabilities. This adds complexity: They must integrate those tools. They must learn the GUIs. New people, tools, and processes bring in new vulnerabilities and risks, while the attackers are becoming more innovative and sneakier with their attacks. Keeping up with the attackers is getting more challenging as the new cloud IT infrastructure brings new vulnerabilities and risks. 

In this presentation, learn how security teams can modernize their security operations tools and processes with AI and security automation to detect the enormous amount of data, integrate the vast number of fragmented tools, and be able to reduce the risk of threats against the new attack surface. 

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