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Ep. 6 // Watching the Watchers: Using Device Metrics for User Attribution 

In this episode of Mobile Unpacked, Chris Vance will discuss user activity tracking artifacts and how they can be utilized in your forensic investigations.  

Modern smartphone operating systems use multiple systems of monitoring user behavior and device metrics to craft a more user-friendly experience. This allows the OS to almost “predict” what application or person you’re looking for before you ask. We often struggle with the questions of who, when, where, and how, but can we use these artifacts like biomes, KnowledgeC, UsageStats, and Digital Wellbeing Dashboards to help answer this information?  

Learn more about these user activity tracking artifacts and where they live, but also how trustworthy these artifacts really are! 


After viewing this webinar, you can download a certificate of completion from the event console. 

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