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Methods for Parsing New Applications

Every day new mobile applications are launched and made available that mobile and computer investigators must be aware of. Often these new apps contain chat functions or other storage that can be crucial evidence in a case. However, parsing and carving for the data from these apps isn’t always immediately available from commercial forensic tools. Join Jessica Hyde, Director of Forensics at Magnet Forensics to explore new methods for discovering and parsing data from these unsupported applications. Learn how to test, find, parse, and script to obtain forensic evidence in new applications using a physical forensic image.

Jessica Hyde, Director of Forensics at Magnet Forensics USA

Jessica is an experienced forensic examiner in both the commercial and government sectors.  She has 14 years’ technical experience and holds an MS in Computer Forensics from George Mason University.  Currently, she is the Director of Forensics for Magnet Forensics USA and an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University where she teaches Mobile Forensics. Her previous roles include Sr. Mobile Exploitation Analyst for Basis Technology, Sr. Electrical Engineer American Systems, and Senior at EY.  Jessica is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

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