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Magnet Virtual Summit // Thinking DFIRently: Utilizing Technology to Work Smarter Than Ever

We’re in a critical time for digital forensics where the ways we’re used to working cases may not be enough to keep up anymore. As the amount of digital evidence continues to grow, the amount of case backlogs grow with it. Digital forensics labs need to create a more efficient workflow by automating repetitive and predictable tasks—freeing up examiners to apply their expertise on the evidence at hand.

Join Jessica Hyde of Magnet Forensics and Aaron Sparling Sparling of the Portland Police Bureau, Digital Forensics Unit as they deep dive into the challenges facing labs today and how a practical approach to leveraging automation can help increase efficiency and reduce backlogs in the forensics lab. They’ll cover the differences between traditional forensic workflows and the optimized Magnet AUTOMATE workflow, including new features in the latest AUTOMATE release. Next, find out how Aaron’s 2.5 person team at the Portland Police Bureau, Digital Forensics Unit use AUTOMATE to solve cases faster, integrate Magnet OUTRIDER to triage devices within AUTOMATE workflows, and conduct advanced deep-dive memory workflows.

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