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Investigating Child Exploitation with Magnet IEF: How to get the Evidence You Need

As many mobile forensics professionals who work on child exploitation cases can attest, timing is everything. So, what can they do in the first few hours, weeks, and months to increase the number of confessions, plea bargains, and convictions?

Designed for digital forensic examiners who work on ICAC cases, this webinar will provide you with a detailed workflow that will help you find key evidence for every part of your investigation: interview, prosecution, and conviction.

Led by Jad Saliba, CTO and founder of Magnet Forensics, we demonstrate how Magnet IEF can be best used to gather evidence under different time constraints. In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • how to filter your search to grab enough evidence to get a confession during the initial interview,
  • how to work with various stakeholders to obtain vital evidence within a few weeks to achieve higher plea bargain rates, and
  • how to dive a little deeper into evidence pulled together by digital forensics practitioners, resulting in higher conviction rates.

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