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Magnet Virtual Summit 2023

Increase the Productivity & Efficiency of DFIR Investigations with Magnet AUTOMATE

Manually executing forensic investigations causes delays, wasting valuable time and resources. This can open the organization up to more risk as attackers continue to cause damage while forensic investigators struggle to get the insights they need to help remediate the breach. Automating the collection and processing of evidence, while integrating forensic tools with the rest of the security tech stack, increases the efficiency of forensic investigations and frees up experts to focus on analysis.

Magnet AUTOMATE is a digital forensic solution that seamlessly integrates tools, automates tasks, and scales up collections and processing so you can investigate incidents faster and get the most out of your existing toolkit. Join Dean Carlson, Senior Product Manager, as he demos the solution and shows you how to increase the productivity and efficiency of your forensic investigations with automation.

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