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Magnet Virtual Summit 2023

eDiscovery and Data Forensic Convergence

eDiscovery workflows rely on digital forensics solutions to preserve, collect, and analyze digital evidence in their case work. The main challenge in the process is that analysts often find themselves collecting data that isn’t relevant to their investigations. More data brings higher costs, less efficiency, and further risk to the process.
With Magnet IGNITE and Magnet AXIOM Cyber, analysts are able to focus their investigations by culling irrelevant data before they begin their collections. Magnet IGNITE performs early case assessments of remote endpoints and helps analysts quickly determine whether the data on a device will be relevant to their investigations. Magnet AXIOM Cyber is used to remotely collect evidence from target endpoints, even when they aren’t connected to company networks, and analyze evidence from computers, mobile phones and cloud sources. Learn how, using a more targeted approach, analysts are able to begin culling the data before they even collect it. Once that analysis is completed, they can use Magnet AXIOM Cyber to generate load files and move their data into eDiscovery platforms.

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