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Digital Forensics and the Enterprise Cloud: A Panel Discussion

The cloud: enterprise data is inevitably headed there. In fact, 81% of enterprises have at least one application or a segment of their computing infrastructure in the cloud today compared to only 51% ten years ago.

Join us, and our Featured Panelist David Cowen—SANS Certified Instructor and prime author of the new SANS course FOR509: Enterprise Cloud Forensics and Incident Response—as we delve into a panel discussion about the cloud and its role in digital forensics.

Rounding out our cloud panel of experts will be speakers from Microsoft and Magnet Forensics’ cloud tinkerer and former corporate examiner, Jamie McQuaid.

Moderated by Magnet Forensics’ Jessica Hyde, our panel of cloud experts will share their thoughts about:

  1. How cloud services like Slack and cloud platforms like Azure and AWS offer examiners new evidence sources & artifacts to leverage in their investigations
  2. What forensic tasks are well-suited performing in the cloud, and which ones are still best performed on-prem
  3. What Legal or security challenges you should be aware of when performing investigations that involve data in the cloud

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