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Digital Forensics and eDiscovery: Where One Stops and the Other Begins

Investigations often go through several teams, from the SOC to traditional forensic teams, and then onto eDiscovery teams–not to mention the non-technical stakeholders eagerly awaiting to review the analysis at the end of the chain.

Many times, these different teams have software that complement the next team, for example, a forensic investigator providing a .PST dump to an eDiscovery team for further analysis. However, with different teams focusing on different aspects of what they classify as “important”, there can be times of confusion as far as what team is using what software to investigate what parts of the case.

Join Warren Kruse, Frank Gorman, and Trey Amick as they discuss how to better manage workflows between digital forensic and e-discovery teams. In this webinar, we’ll highlight how to easily progress your investigations from AXIOM Cyber into Relativity for additional eDiscovery analysis.


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