Data Uncovered: Revealing Truths in eDiscovery with Magnet Forensics Solutions

Digital forensics plays a crucial role in eDiscovery by providing the tools and techniques necessary to collect, preserve, analyze, and present digital evidence in legal proceedings. Join us for a webinar packed with insights and real-world use cases showing how Magnet Forensics solutions support eDiscovery to get your clients and legal stakeholders the data they need to make fully informed decisions with confidence and speed.

Maja Kokotovic, Senior Product Manager, and Tim Moniot, Director, Solutions Consulting, use the EDRM (EDRM.net) model to define the eDiscovery workflow and how Magnet Forensics products fit within it. Covering the latest advancements across several solutions, Maja and Tim will show you new ways to process, analyze, and export data for your legal stakeholders including RSMF exports, Mobile View, and advanced filtering capabilities.

Special guest speaker, Shanon Burgess, Digital Forensics Expert at Aperture – a national portfolio of forensic engineering companies providing full-service expert analysis – takes you through four fascinating real-world case studies, revealing the impact of full file system extractions versus logical from mobile devices. See how Shanon uncovered insights quickly using Magnet Axiom Cyber and Verakey, empowering his clients to navigate legal decisions with clarity and precision.

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Shanon Burgess
Digital Forensics Expert, Aperture
Maja Kokotovic
Senior Product Manager, Magnet Forensics
Tim Moniot
Director, Solution Consultants, Magnet Forensics
90 Min.

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