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A Walk-Through of Investigating a Malware Attack: An Introduction to AXIOM Cyber

Forensic examiners in today’s businesses are responsible for supporting a range of investigations. Everything from HR investigations to discovering and analyzing the root cause of malware attacks that can result in loss of IP, money, and personally identifiable information. 

Join Dallas Jordan and Trey Amick—both former corporate forensics examiners—as they walk you through a real-world, Incident Response malware investigation and show you how to use AXIOM Cyber to support casework from remote acquisition to analysis and through to reporting to your key stakeholders with ease. 

Trey and Dallas will teach you how you can: 

  • Easily create and deploy a covert remote agent in seconds 
  • Remotely collect data from Windows (including memory) and Mac target endpoints 
  • Collect data from Office 365 and other cloud services like Teams and Slack 
  • Analyze computer, mobile, and cloud data in a single case file which enables you to quickly piece together events across all evidence sources 
  • Use AXIOM Cyber’s Timeline and Connections features to sort through the noise and quickly focus on the information that is most pertinent to your investigation

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