Simplifying device acquisition

In the age of information overload and the reality of devices and data being everywhere, investigative teams need to extract images from multiple sources - smartphones, computers, the cloud, and more.

In any given case there could be laptops, smartphones, cloud data, USB drives, or other media that needs to be copied and searched. The growing number of devices in cases is also increasing case backlog, as they all need to be imaged, processed, and examined.

Acquistion image with devices

As a complete digital investigations platform, Magnet AXIOM streamlines the imaging of multiple data sources in the first stage of a digital forensics examination. AXIOM increases efficiencies and saves times for investigative teams.

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Worried about the time it takes to image all of the devices in a case? Use AXIOM to set up a queue and image multiple devices into a single case file.

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Magnet AXIOM for Smartphone Imaging

AXIOM has the ability to acquire both physical and logical images from thousands of smartphone types from iOS, to Android, to Windows phones, and more.

Flash recovery allows investigative teams to access over 650 Samsung devices for full physical imaging, even if the device has a passcode lock.

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Magnet AXIOM for Cloud Imaging

Cloud acquisition is relatively new to forensics. While other tools capture cloud data, they either present the data for analysis separately from other device data, or they do not image all data sources into one case for examination, forcing investigative teams to perform separate analyses.

AXIOM is the most comprehensive digital forensics platform and gives investigative teams the option to image cloud data and add it into the complete data set for a comprehensive investigation.

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Magnet AXIOM for Computer Imaging

Quickly acquire images from Windows, Linux and OS X computers.

Examiners can choose to acquire quick (a copy of the file system, or a smaller subset of files or folders on the computer) or full images, or to run a targeted acquisition to recover images from areas of the hard drive that typically contain important evidence.

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Data Recovery

Once AXIOM has acquired all images of smartphones, computers, cloud data, and other removable media types, our digital investigation platform automates parsing and carving for deep artifact data, and gives you access to the results in real-time as they are found.

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Data Analysis

AXIOM’s analysis tools help investigative teams narrow results and find connections by offering multiple views – timelines, world maps, chat threading, and more - filters, tags and bookmarking, comments, and innovative machine learning technology for contextual content analysis.

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Reporting and collaboration is key to an investigation and AXIOM has reporting that is easy-to-use, easy to share, and easy for others to read and understand. Quickly merge comments, tags and bookmarks from others back into a single case.

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