How To Get the Most Out of Your Magnet GRAYKEY Extractions

GrayKey extractions are an amazing tool for digital investigators and examiners, since getting a full file system image is crucial. For years, most forensic examinations of iOS devices were limited to data only available in an iTunes backup and only if you had the user’s passcode—with Android acquisitions not being much easier.

Making the Case for Magnet GRAYKEY Funding

In this blog, we will walk you through those different considerations, provide resources, and outline some best practices to help you position Magnet GRAYKEY to your decision makers so you can increase the chances of securing funding.  

Hashcat Basics for Mobile Forensic Investigators

Hashcat is a popular password-cracking tool that security professionals, researchers, and digital forensic specialists use to recover lost or forgotten passwords. It works by taking a password hash, a unique alphanumeric representation of a password, and using numerous attacks to guess the password that produced the hash. Hashcat is fast and efficient, making it a powerful tool for password recovery.