The Lesser Talked About Messaging Apps

The processing and parsing of artifacts from Telegram, WeChat, KakaoTalk, and Line are all supported in AXIOM, so we’re taking a look at these chat applications, specifically for Android devices.

Zoom Artifact Support in Magnet AXIOM

We at Magnet Forensics are constantly trying to keep up with new artifacts that are relevant to the changing times to help assist in your examinations. Recently added into Magnet AXIOM was the support of Zoom application artifacts, which in recent times has become an extremely popular way for us to connect and communicate in … Continued

Skype Warrant Returns in Magnet AXIOM

We know how useful it can be to analyze the data from your warrant returns alongside your other evidence sources in AXIOM. AXIOM has long supported the processing of warrant returns from Apple, Facebook, Google/Gmail, Instagram, and Snapchat. And now, new in Magnet AXIOM 4.2 is the ability to ingest and process Skype Warrant Return … Continued

Yep, Magnet AXIOM Cyber Supports Slack!

As many of us know, Slack has become a dominant collaboration and chat platform used in environments around the globe since its inception in 2009. With over 10 million daily active users and 85,000 paying customers, examiners are frequently facing casework where Slack data plays a pivotal part in the investigation.  In this blog, we’ll discuss the different options examiners have when investigating Slack with Magnet … Continued

Free Mac & iOS Resources for the DFIR Community

Members of the forensic community often take it upon themselves to create scripts, custom artifacts, or software to aid in their investigations, then share with others, which I’ve always loved. The talent our community guild has is truly awesome, and I’m thankful to be a part of it. This blog isn’t meant to be an end all, be all of every publicly available Mac … Continued

macOS & iOS Photos Support with Magnet AXIOM

Within recent releases of AXIOM, we’ve added new artifacts to help examiners analyze images found on both iOS and macOS systems. Many investigations that examiners are faced with hinge on the images found during analysis of the data. These artifacts will help identify new points of interest and allow for more context to be drawn around images found during those investigations.  We can all agree … Continued

Apple Warrant Returns in Magnet AXIOM

As part of our series on Warrant Return content we wanted to show you some of the content that can be parsed, displayed, and searched in Magnet AXIOM from Warrant Returns. So, what kind of evidence can you find? Let me show you. First up let’s discuss Apple. Before loading an Apple warrant return, please ensure you … Continued