Mobile Forensics: Discovering the Undiscovered

Recently Joshua Hickman (@josh_hickman1) author of the Binary Hick released the latest in his series of WELL DOCUMENTED images for the public, and Android 10 image. A week later, he shared an amazing post on Android’s Digital Wellbeing timeline. Every day forensic researchers, like Josh, are finding, documenting and sharing the new artifacts they find — which … Continued

Using the checkra1n Jailbreak

You can’t get far on the internet these days, particularly in #DFIR circles, without hearing about checkra1n — and for good reason. What axi0mX introduced to the world back in September with his unpatchable BootROM exploit known as checkm8 (and the official beta release from the checkra1n team last month) is a game changer. For … Continued

GrayKey Integration and Further Cloud and Mac Support Come to Magnet AXIOM 3.1

The innovation of Magnet AXIOM 3.0 continues with the release of Magnet AXIOM 3.1—which is now available to download! Either upgrade within AXIOM, or head over to the Customer Portal to download AXIOM 3.1.  In this release, we’re excited to have developed our exclusive technology partnership with Grayshift by integrating the loading of GrayKey images directly within AXIOM. We’ve also introduced a new SQLite viewer to give you better … Continued