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New White Paper Lists 10 Must-Have Mobile Forensic Skills

Last year we published a series of blogs, “Being Forensically Curious,” that was based on a presentation coauthored by Magnet Director of Forensics Jessica Hyde and Forensic Consultant Cesar Quezada. That presentation, “Mobile App Parsing – All About that Data” is available as a recorded webinar here.

Both the webinar and the blog series outline a multi-step forensic process that you can follow whenever you encounter a mobile app unsupported by forensic tools (or a supported app whose data you want to validate).

In the meantime, we wanted to spend some time discussing the underlying skills which, once developed, can help you with that process. Download the white paper, “10 Skills You Need toward Mastering Mobile App Forensics,” now to learn how to:

  • Acquire the image that will get you the most data.
  • Figure out what your commercial tools do and don’t support.
  • Determine and research apps of interest, and form and test hypotheses about them.
  • Create known data, and use it to test app functionality.
  • Find and parse unsupported data.
  • Document and apply your method to case data.

We believe that making the time to improve your skillset has multiple benefits. First, you’ll be able to access more devices, and more evidence on the devices. Rather than rely on support from other labs—with the risk that you’ll have to wait months to get your evidence back—you can perform more of your own examinations (and, perhaps, be the support that other agencies need). Performing your own research gives you the opportunity to share with the rest of the forensic community to learn from and to help you further your own learning. In turn, you’ll be more competitive in a job market with very high demand.

Download “10 Skills You Need toward Mastering Mobile App Forensics” now!

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