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New Industry Insights Brief: Successful Employee Misconduct Investigations

This month we’re pleased to introduce the second of three in our Industry Insights Brief series. Successful Employee Misconduct Investigations follows last month’s Successful Insider Threat Investigations, discussing two of the most common forms of misconduct—harassment, and misuse of company assets—and how AXIOM helps to show the patterns and artifacts common to each.

Employee misconduct is a well-documented problem, costly for businesses not just in terms of legal expenses, but also employee turnover, diminished productivity, sick leave and disability, and so forth. Human Resources (HR) and Legal teams want and need to nip it in the bud. As a result, they may call in forensic examiners to help determine whether an employee clearly violated a policy, in support of a “terminate or don’t terminate” (or “terminate with cause” vs. “terminate with payout”) decision.

Our new Industry Insights Brief describes the kind of standard, policy-driven investigative process that helps you to acquire and report the data that HR and Legal need most. Download the brief to learn three steps toward conducting more proactive—not purely reactive—investigations:

  1. Target the most relevant data sources, whether network logs, or if needed, data from cloud, computer, and/or mobile.
  2. Find evidence that supports or refutes the claim. Correlating evidence across devices may result in a huge amount of data, so artificial intelligence (AI), filters, and activity timelines can help cut through the noise to establish what happened.
  3. Report results in a way that supports HR or Legal’s requirements to move forward with their part of the investigation, including how to decide whether to terminate the employee.

Successful Employee Misconduct Investigations: A Magnet Forensics Industry Insights Brief is available for download here!

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