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New Case Study: How Portable Cases in Magnet AXIOM Help Examiners Collaborate with Stakeholders

When an investigator submits digital devices to the forensic lab for processing, the request may be accompanied by time and date ranges, keywords, or other ways to help narrow down the amount of data needing to be processed. Other times, the entire device needs to be imaged. The investigator has the case knowledge to offer context for the examination, but frequently lacks the time or scheduling flexibility to sit down with the examiner to go through it.

As our new extended case study reflects, however, Magnet AXIOM’s Portable Cases offer a way for examiners and investigators to collaborate sooner—and more regularly—on the findings from digital evidence.

How the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office Uses AXIOM

Carol Gudbrandsen, a cybercrime forensic analyst, spoke with us about how she uses AXIOM to support a spectrum of cases submitted by investigators from 42 police departments serving more than 700,000 people. “We especially found it easier initially to put things in front of an investigator who was observing, and get to know the case that way,” she told us.

Perhaps most importantly, AXIOM’s fast processing speeds have enabled her to cut case backlogs from months to weeks—and to use the time savings to expand the range of cases her lab can assist with.

Download the case study to find out more

In the case study, “Partnering to Reduce Digital Forensic Backlogs,” Gudbrandsen talks about how AXIOM has allowed her to:

  • Communicate results to investigators and get contextual feedback on cases, while helping the county’s cyber attorney to build cases using Portable Cases.
  • Set—and deliver on—expectations not just around the number of cases she can handle, but also the turnaround times in which she can support them.
  • Improve other operational efficiencies in the lab.

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