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Magnet OUTRIDER 2.2: Save More Time With Faster Scans*

We’re excited to announce the availability of Magnet OUTRIDER 2.2! Magnet OUTRIDER is an ultra-fast triage tool that empowers law enforcement and examiners to quickly and easily preview devices, on-scene or in the lab. 

With Magnet OUTRIDER 2.2, we’ve added new improvements to help you flag CSAM and other potential evidence even faster compared to previous versions of OUTRIDER, quickly find other devices of interest, help collect the evidence you need, and more! 

To upgrade to OUTRIDER 2.2, head over to the Customer Portal to download the latest version. 

If you haven’t tried OUTRIDER yet, see for yourself how fast and simple OUTRIDER is at finding CSAM and illicit apps. Request your free 30-day trial here. 

Save More Time with Faster Scans in OUTRIDER 2.2

Whether you’re triaging devices while in the field and conducting a search warrant or back in the lab, time is of the essence. OUTRIDER was designed to provide lightning fast scanning for flagging illicit apps and CSAM utilizing Child Rescue Coalition (CRC) technology.

Now, with OUTRIDER 2.2, we’ve made further improvements to enable even faster scans to support ICAC teams on-scene with actionable intelligence and give you a head start on device triage when you’re back in the lab. 

Up to 15% Faster CRC CSAM Detection

OUTRIDER 2.2 helps you triage devices for CRC CSAM even faster compared to previous versions, with our internal tests showing up to a 15% scan speed improvement.

OUTRIDER 2.2 also helps you immediately distinguish non-CSAM related hits for keywords, apps, etc. during your scans – the progress indicator will now turn amber when these hits are detected.

New ‘Simple Mode’

Save time and empower non-technical investigators in the field by leveraging preconfigured scan settings for keywords, apps, and more for new scans.

Quickly Find Other Devices of Interest

If a suspect has other devices connected to their network, OUTRIDER 2.2’s Network Scan feature can help you quickly and easily identify them, and with minimal impact to your overall scan time.

Collect the Evidence You Need

To provide you with greater confidence when exporting data or collecting the system for more in-depth analysis, if your OUTRIDER drive runs out of space you can now plug in another USB drive and continue saving there.

Other New Features in OUTRIDER 2.2

  • Preserve the list of Wi-Fi networks currently seen by the computer running OUTRIDER at the time of the scan with the new “Wi-Fi Networks Currently Visible” artifact.
  • Configure the output location for your case/report so you can save to your own drive if needed.
  • Hide display of thumbnails of CRC CSAM hits to help limit officer exposure.

Join a Live Webinar to See OUTRIDER 2.2 in Action

To see OUTRIDER 2.2 in action, be sure to join our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, March 24 with Magnet Founder and CTO Jad Saliba and Forensic Consultant Director Trey Amick where they’ll demonstrate the new features released with Magnet OUTRIDER 2.2 and discuss how examiners can make their own triage drive with OUTRIDER.

As an added bonus, Child Rescue Coalition President Bill Wiltse will be on hand to discuss Neula, a CSAM detection technology utilized within OUTRIDER.

Register here to reserve your spot: Magnet OUTRIDER: Rapid Triage Made Easy.

Try Magnet OUTRIDER 2.2 Today! 

If you’re already using Magnet OUTRIDER, download OUTRIDER 2.2 in the Customer Portal. If you want to see how Magnet OUTRIDER can help you dramatically reduce the time it takes to triage computers and external drives, request a free trial today! 

*Compared to previous versions of OUTRIDER

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