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Magnet AXIOM 2.9 Includes Enhanced Custom Artifact Support and New Android Acquisition Methods

Magnet AXIOM 2.9 is now available for download! Read more about what’s included in the latest release of AXIOM, including enhanced custom artifact support, new logical acquisition options for Android, and updates to G Suite support.

Try it for yourself now! If you’re a customer, download AXIOM 2.9 right now either in-app or in the Customer Portal. If you want to try AXIOM 2.9 for yourself, request a trial today.

Enhanced Custom Artifact Support

In addition to the support we’re constantly providing for new artifacts with every release, AXIOM 2.9 will provide you with a big expansion on its custom artifact capabilities. Because of the sheer number of possible artifacts you may run into, there will be times where full native support is not yet available.

These new capabilities will put more control in your hands as you can specify file extensions or file signatures (for example CAD drawings or Photoshop drawings) for artifacts without native support.

An Excel file with custom specifications can be launched for editing within AXIOM and those specifications will be available for every case file. Hashes of the data recovered will be provided along with some basic de-duplication as well as timestamp and location information for where these were found.

More Logical Acquisition Methods for Android

Get more information and artifacts from more Android devices with two new logical acquisition methods that have been added to AXIOM 2.9.

The new methods are available through the ADB (unlocked) device workflow and will enable a logical extraction from Android devices where possible.  This includes rooted devices, or Android 5, 6, and 7 devices without the December 2016 security patch.

Recover G Suite Calendar Events

Adding onto our previously released support for G Suite, AXIOM Cloud users can now also recover calendar events stored in G Suite — helping you collect and process a full set of user data from a G Suite account during corporate investigations.

New and Updated Artifacts

We’re always bringing new and updated artifacts to each release of AXIOM. Here’s what’s included in AXIOM 2.9:

New in Android

  • Samsung Browser
    • Recover information from the Samsung Browser on Samsung Android mobile phones, including web history and visits, media history, downloads, cache information, cookies and auto-fill information, etc.
  • Reddit
    • Get recently viewed sub-reddits and account information.

New in iOS

  • KnowledgeC (App Intents + Media History)
    • Obtained through a GrayKey image, recover information about the type of intent taken, along with the action and any metadata and associated information as well. Also, recover information about media (video and audio) that has been played on the device.

New in All Platforms

  • Encrypted files
    • An entirely new implementation leveraging Passware‘s technology to find common encrypted file types. This artifact vastly improves the performance from the previous implementation, while also reducing false positive results.

New in Windows

  • Edge, Chrome and Firefox
    • Recover information about add-ons and extensions that were installed for the Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers. With the Edge browser, we have enhanced support for recovering and attributing browsing history, as well as adding support to recover top sites, typed URLs, favorites and reading list information.
  • Your Phone
    • Allows for attribution of pictures found on a computer which were received via the Your Phone sync application, as well as device sync settings and information.


  • Chrome (Android)
  • SMS/MMS (Android)
  • User Info (Android)
  • Android Email (Android)
  • Events (Android)
  • Snapchat (iOS)
  • Kik (iOS)
  • Locations (iOS)
  • Call logs (iOS)
  • Instagram (iOS)
  • iMessage (iOS)
  • User Accounts (Windows)
  • Skype (Windows)
  • Windows Timeline (Windows)
  • Chrome (Windows)

If you’re already using AXIOM, download AXIOM 2.9 over at the Customer Portal. If you want to see how AXIOM 2.9 can give you a better investigative starting point, request a free 30-day trial today!

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