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Kick Off Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Our New White Paper!

Every October, organizations everywhere bring the importance of cybersecurity to light through Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

We’re always ready to do our part and #BeCyberSmart, and this year we’re sharing some helpful information on how digital forensics can fit into the picture. Each week, we’ll share new resources and information on our Cybersecurity Awareness Month page, including career information, “fighting the phish”, and in the first week of the series, how to “Be Cyber Smart.”

To help in the educational effort, we’re sharing a free white paper called “A Security Incident Will Happen. Are You Prepared to Investigate Quickly?” In this white paper, we’re sharing five essential elements in a solid Incident Response (IR) plan and why a forensics tool is a critical part of any plan.

Download the white paper here.

Keep an eye out for future Cybersecurity Awareness Month initiatives and remember to spread the word to “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart”.

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