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Apple Warrant Returns in Magnet AXIOM

We wanted to show you some of the content that can be parsed, displayed, and searched in Magnet AXIOM from Warrant Returns. Let’s discuss Apple. Before loading an Apple warrant return, please ensure you use the Free Magnet Apple Warrant Return Assistant found on the Download Our Free Tools page, or using the instructions provided by Apple. AXIOM is able to parse Apple Warrant return backup zips with decrypted and encrypted files located inside.

Once you’ve zipped the warrant return, AXIOM Process will decrypt the encrypted backups contained within the warrant return. Below is an example of some of the content returned with a sample Apple return. Because entire backups can be included, you can get the same content as you would on a regular backup. Including some 3rd party chat applications, pictures, video, documents, emails with header information:

Figure: Sample Apple return

Apple Warrant Returns contain emails sent to or from the associated iCloud email address, for example Not only will you get to/from information, full header, and body of the email that is completely searchable along with the associated timestamp, but HTML emails are viewable as they are displayed to a user in the Preview pane for easy review.

Figure – Preview of an HTML email in the Preview Pane.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to reach out to As warrant returns formats are subject to change at any time, please reach out if you discover a change in support!

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