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Announcing the Winners of the 2022 Magnet Forensics CTF

The June 2022 Magnet Forensics CTF was another exciting competition, and we’re happy to announce the winners!

  • Andreas Klaus (NOP_)
  • evandrix
  • Markus Dauberschmidt (daubsi)

We want to give you the opportunity to keep working through the challenges, so we’re keeping the CTF open until June 29. Feel free to play on the CTF board at

Still Need a Copy of the Forensic Images?

Download the images here:

  • iOS image – MD5: 4FDC02C7104350B7086F0CEFD8937E52
  • Lenovo image – MD5: 05720D0211578C358D86AECABAD0B9CF

Please Note:

  • These are the same images that were used for the in-person CTF in Nashville in April.
  • These images do contain live malware. While it is quarantined, we encourage participants to practice caution.

And a big shout out to Dylan Navarro, Jordan Kimball, Hayley Froio, and Alayna Cash of the Champlain College Digital Forensics Association for working with us to build this incredibly fun challenge for the community!

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