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Magnet Virtual Summit 2024

What is At-Scene Accreditation and How Do We Teach It to the Next Generation?

As the world of digital forensics moves towards standardisation, it is crucial to evaluate its impact on the industry, specifically its impact on the next generation of digital forensic investigators.

This talk will tackle the topic of accreditation and how it can be used at-scene to effectively reduce ever-increasing case backlogs in a Digital Forensic unit. We will also cover how to break down these principles to explain to a new generation in higher education. The topic of at-scene accreditation is at the forefront of digital forensics in the UK due to the Forensic Science Regulator’s move to mandatory compliance notices, increasing the number of accredited activities in laboratories and at-scene. It is imperative that students understand its impact and what this means to the industry they will soon find themselves in.

This talk will cover:

– What is at-scene accreditation?

– How does at-scene accreditation impact digital forensic investigations?

– How does effective standardisation at-scene reduce case backlogs?

– Introducing triage to students

– How do we teach students about accreditation and standardization at-scene?

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