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Tips & Tricks // Custom Artifacts

As new applications are used and updated, forensic tools do not always support every artifact. Often times examiners manually parse artifacts from a variety of sources. What if you could easily automate that parsing for future cases and large data sets… and still analyze those results in your tools?  What if you could share your parsers and also use ones from other examiners? What if these results could be analyzed with the rest of the data from the case?

In this Tips & Tricks webinar, we will show the value of using Custom Artifacts in AXIOM to support unsupported artifacts and sources. Join us to learn how you can use templates to parse SQLite or RegEx or Python to create Custom Artifacts for use in AXIOM. Jessica will also teach you how to find custom artifacts created by others on the Artifact Exchange. Finally, you’ll learn how to build, share, and use custom artifacts to help support novel data and support the unsupported.

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