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The Good, The Bad, and The Useless – The Truth about Geolocation Data

Hosted by Jamie McQuaid at Magnet Forensics

Apps keep and track a lot of data about the people using them. It’s what makes them so important to examiners. One area in particular that is making its way into unexpected places is geolocation data. People have no clear idea of how many apps might be collecting location data – whether it’s third-party apps or native device/OS apps. This is a very valuable source of evidence in investigations. But not all geolocation data is created equally. Join Magnet Forensics expert Jamie McQuaid to understand the value of each type of location data and what it can actually tell you, versus what might not be important to your investigation. Jamie will look at maps, chat apps, pictures, and more to show where the data can be found and how it can be used appropriately.

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Jamie McQuaid CISSP, CFCE, EnCE is a forensics investigator with a background in corporate investigations spanning various industries from telecommunications to financial services and manufacturing. His responsibilities included conducting both forensic and physical investigations as well as incident response globally across the organization. McQuaid is currently a Forensics Consultant at Magnet Forensics where he assists in the development of Magnet AXIOM and provides skilled support to customers with his combined knowledge of Magnet AXIOM and digital forensics. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Computer Security and Investigations from Fleming College and an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto.

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