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Magnet Virtual Summit 2024

Navigating the Shadows: Crime in the Metaverse and the Need for Legal Preparedness

The rapid emergence of the metaverse, powered by virtual reality and haptic technologies, has ushered in a new era of human interaction and engagement. With this technological advancement comes the reality of virtual crime. This presentation shines a light on the challenges posed by crime in the metaverse and the unpreparedness of law enforcement and legislation to effectively address these emerging virtual threats.

We begin by exploring the nascent landscape of the metaverse and the stark reality that our current legal frameworks were not designed to grapple with the intricacies of virtual crime. Drawing from immersive experiences using the Meta Quest 2 and haptic vests, our researchers ventured into diverse corners of the metaverse to witness and experience firsthand the unfolding digital world where traditional crimes, such as battery, are transitioning into virtual realms.

Through our experiences, we delve into the events that transpired in the metaverse and examine their relationship with existing laws. This presentation underscores the importance of proactive legal preparedness and the need for law enforcement to adapt to the ever-evolving nature of crime in this digital frontier. By elucidating the challenges, proposing potential solutions, and calling for collaborative efforts between lawmakers and law enforcement, we aim to provide guidance towards a safer and more secure metaverse.

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