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Paying it forward: Mentorship in Digital Forensics

Many of us in the field of digital forensics have been lucky to have a senior practitioner to look up to as we began our journey into digital forensics, and some of us have not. But regardless the reality is that having a mentor to guide you as you gain your journey is a crucial part of knowledge transfer, and has been a key part of effective knowledge and skill transfer for centuries.

In this presentation we will explore the importance of mentorships in digital forensics in not only developing the next generation of digital forensic practitioners, but also enhancing the skills of existing practitioners. We will explore this from two perspectives. The first being how to be an effective mentor to a digital forensics practitioner, and the second, how to be an effective mentee.

The presentation will also explore various mentorship programs and equip you with the knowledge to set up your own mentorship programs, and how to find the correct mentor for you.

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