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How to Solve Today’s Evidence Review Challenges with Magnet REVIEW

Evidence review has often been plagued with hurdles regardless of the agency’s size, location, or budget. Some of these challenges include shipping evidence which can be costly and may introduce security risks, requiring investigators to travel to the lab to review evidence on workstations, training investigators on multiple tools, and now (more than ever) enabling remote work as pandemic restrictions limit access to the lab. That’s why we’ve built Magnet REVIEW, a single web-based platform purpose-built for non-technical investigators to securely review evidence from anywhere with an internet connection. Overcoming these challenges with a centralized platform like REVIEW enables teams to get to the truth quickly, without being limited by physical distance or technical tools, all while reducing evidence distribution costs and improving overall security posture.

Join Cody Bryant, Director, Product Management, and Craig Guymon, Director of Solution Consulting, to learn why and how we built Magnet REVIEW for the non-technical investigator, see a live demo of REVIEW’s intuitive interface, and learn how to enable teams of non-technical investigators to review evidence from anywhere.

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