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Cybersleuth Labs – Introducing High School Girls and Underrepresented Minorities to Digital Forensics

This talk will share the Cyber Sleuth Science Lab (CSSL) research findings on the effectiveness of combining ethical and social lessons with technical education to engage the next generation. CSSL is geared to reach all students in high school with an emphasis on engaging more young women and underrepresented youth in STEM. This approach leverages DFIR as a unique opportunity to inform learners about security and privacy issues and encourage responsible and ethical behavior in our digital society while preparing them for success in a variety of STEM career pathways.
In addition, this project built on the foundational work of the National Girls Collaborative Project and the FabFems network by encouraging learners to work with peers, near peers and interact with mentors and role models. In particular, Cyber Sleuth Science Lab, showcases the variety of jobs in the DFIR and Cybersecurity industry by bringing experts across these domains into the classroom to discuss the unique ways this expertise is applied in their day-to-day work and to share more in-depth information about the individual pathways they took to get into the field.

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