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Memory Analysis with Magnet RAM Capture and Magnet AXIOM

Intended for users of Magnet AXIOM.

Digital memory can be very important to cases, but it can also be volatile, which means acquiring it quickly at the start of a case is paramount. Join Jamie McQuaid, Forensic Consultant at Magnet Forensics, to learn how you can use Magnet RAM Capture, a tool that helps examiners quickly and easily extract RAM from either a live system locally or over the network.

Jamie will also show attendees how to load RAM and other volatile data into Magnet AXIOM so that all the data can be analyzed. AXIOM allows you to access important artifacts that may only exist in memory and wouldn’t necessarily leave a footprint on the physical disk. Join us to hear tips and tricks on carving and analyzing memory and artifacts like private browsing, TOR, Gmail and more.

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