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Magnet AXIOM License Packages

With the launch of AXIOM 7.10, we are introducing new license options that will provides the flexibility to determine the features and capabilities that best align with your agency’s requirements, so you can get the greatest value out of your AXIOM license(s).

Licenses purchased via a one-time (perpetual) license fee with active SMS support packages will continue to receive new artifact additions, updates and features. However, some new features will only be available in the yearly term license packages as outlined in the partial feature list below.

Customers with existing AXIOM term licenses will be automatically transitioned to the equivalent term license in the new packages.

Acquisition & ProcessingComputer and Mobile Acquisition & ProcessingX (license dependent)XXX
Cloud Acquisition & Warrant Return ProcessingX (optional) XX
Processing and Analysis*Magnet.AI media categorizationXXXX
Artifact ExplorerXXXX
Media ExplorerXXXX
Connections ExplorerXXXX
Animated Map Routes XXX
Email Explorer  XX
Magnet Exhibit Builder   X
Device TriageMagnet OUTRIDER   X

*For additional information on the features available for the different AXIOM licenses, a more detailed feature matrix is available in our user guide.

To learn more about these features and how you can add them to your license(s), reach out to your sales representative at

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