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Magnet DVR Examiner Features You May Be Missing

In this webinar, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key features in DVR Examiner including new updates in DVR Examiner 3.1. We’ll also address the key questions below that we’ve heard from existing DVR Examiner users:

  • Workflow
    • I want to build out a detailed case, including details on devices, locations, and the investigation itself.
    • I want to skip the case details and quickly scan, preview, and export my data.
  • Multiple Sources
    • I’m working an investigation that includes footage from three different DVRs that I’d like to see the details for in a single DVR Examiner case.
    • I’m working with a DVR that includes multiple hard drives and I’d like to see both drives associated with that DVR.
  • Reporting
    • I typically only use the Export Report – what other reports can I include in my case file?
    • How can I set up report preferences to have consistency across different cases in DVR Examiner?

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