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Artifacts in the Cloud and the Impact on Forensics

With the onset of countless connected devices, apps, and media, the need for storage and access to stored data grows every day. The answer seems to be: The Cloud!

Companies are pouring resources into cloud infrastructures to have access to the storage that a connected world requires — and criminals are storing their data there. Forensic examiners need to better understand what can be accessed and how to make sense of the volumes of accessible data.

Join Tayfun Uzun, Product Manager, Magnet Forensics as he discusses the most popular types of cloud services and what the implications of those services are on evidence acquisition and examination. Tayfun will look at how apps utilize the cloud and how to make connections between cloud app usage and computer evidence and he will use our latest product, Magnet AXIOM Cloud, to quickly sort, filter and make sense of cloud application data.

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