New Approaches to Digital Forensics Investigations

The global pandemic accelerated workplace shifts towards new ways of working, many involving online work and new technologies. Law Enforcement Agencies and Digital Forensic teams were already re-imagining new workflows to cope with rising digital evidence volumes. Like other sectors, the pandemic has accelerated this re-imagining and leading agencies are using a combination of technology and process change to realize greater efficiencies.

Join Geoff MacGillivray, Vice President of Product Management at Magnet Forensics, to learn about Magnet’s vision for stronger investigations of digital data, securely and at scale. Hear how solutions such as Magnet AUTOMATE and Magnet REVIEW can help organizations, to automate, manage and collaborate on investigations with speed, accuracy and transparency. Leave with an actionable path forward – for any-sized agency – to modernize your investigation of digital data and meet the needs of your agency today and tomorrow.