Law Enforcement and the Cloud “Now Data versus Then Data”

A common response when talking to Law Enforcement officers and staff often shows that there is a distinct lack of understanding as to the amount of evidence that can be found on the Cloud. It usually starts with an unwillingness to consider what authority is needed to obtain that evidence, and, with policies and procedures differing from Country to Country, Agency to Agency, and Police Force to Police Service, it can often be confusing and difficult. It is however essential that this “Forgotten” or “Missed” data is taken into consideration.

We have seen the amalgamation of Mobile Phone devices and Computer devices become more and more prevalent within the LE Community. What about adding in Cloud Data too? From OSINT data, public tweets and Instagram, not to mention access with credentials and warrant returns, this data is essential in modern LE. It is only going to increase in importance with the onset of large data being accessible via mobile devices, 5G and beyond.

What is the future for traditional computer dead box forensics? How many computers do you have in your home today compared with 5 years ago? There needs to be a tool to bring all this evidential data together, OSINT, Cloud Services data, Mobile devices and Computers. This is where AXIOM comes in. In respect of Cloud data, AXIOM can add Open Source Data, Credential downloads and Warrant return Data into a single case file showing connections between people places and data. Let’s be honest, how many of us would bother with our devices if there was no internet connection? The mix of data shows a far fuller picture of lifestyle and activities. With Cloud data we are dealing with “Now Data” with seized Computers and Mobiles it is often “Then Data”. Why not have all of it …

This lab is most applicable to criminal investigations. Participants of this hands-on lab will receive 1 CPE credit for attending.