Introducing AXIOM Cyber 5.0

The next phase of AXIOM Cyber is coming: version 5.0!

Join Magnet Forensics’ Geoff MacGillivray, Vice President of Product Management and Drew Roberts, Sr. Product Manager, as they unveil the latest major release of AXIOM Cyber. Hear how Magnet Forensics has helped private sector organizations address their unique challenges with modern solutions including its artifacts-first approach. And be the first to see AXIOM Cyber 5.0 in action during a live demo of the latest features!

Since AXIOM Cyber’s official debut in January of 2019, we’ve ruthlessly and incrementally added functionality to help businesses address the unique digital forensics challenges that they have. Some of those highlights include:

  • Off-network collection – Reliable remote acquisition of endpoints not connected to the corporate network
  • Open source forensically sound container – Save remote collections to an AFF4-L container
  • Support for eDiscovery – Generate a load file—complete with OCR scans—that can be ingested into an eDisco review platform

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