Conducting Android & iOS Investigations with Graykey & AXIOM: Finding Support for Unsupported Applications

Device users are no longer relying on default applications to communicate, often migrating to 3rd party applications with additional features. Unfortunately, these same types of applications can be used by actors involved in criminal investigations to encrypt and obfuscate their activities.

In this webinar, join David and Trey, digital forensic experts from Grayshift and Magnet Forensics, for a hands-on deep dive into modern approaches to digital forensics that help enable you to achieve same-day results (often within hours), extract more data from locked and encrypted mobile devices, and get the most out of GrayKey + Magnet AXIOM. We’ll also review decryption methods for third party applications, securing critical evidence that is admissible and discoverable, and how to accelerate your investigations.

GrayKey labs are restricted to law enforcement and government attendees only. Please note that all submissions are being validated and approved by Grayshift. If you are approved, you will receive the joining details 24 hours before the session starts.