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Support for DVR Examiner Has Migrated to Magnet Forensics Support Portal

As of today, support for DVR Examiner is now available through the Magnet Forensics support portal.

What does this mean for you?

If you have an existing Magnet Forensics portal account, DVR Examiner support and resources will now be available within the portal. Simply login here and navigate to the DVR Examiner product.

If you do not have an existing Magnet Forensics portal account, but you have an active DVR Examiner license, we have created an account for you. You should have received an automated email from us with a link to reset your password. Once reset, you can login here at any time.

If you have not received an email from us, it may be that your email address is not linked to your DVR Examiner license. To request a Magnet Forensics portal account, please contact us and include your Agency Name and DVR Examiner Dongle ID.

Thank you!


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